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Free Shipping on orders over £49.99

NHBC Amber 2 System

NHBC Amber 2 System

Carbon Dioxide/Methane and Amber 2 System:

The GBD plus system complies to both BS8485 2015 Table 7 and NHBC Amber 2 guidance. The system has been designed to assist the installer to produce a end result which can be independently verified in accordance with both NHBC and British Standard guidelines (refer to verification page). The system is robust enough for site install and used in conjunction with its ancillaries creates very easy install.

Radbar Amber 2 Foil Membrane 50x2m
Radbar Amber 2 Foil Membrane 50x2m

Radbar Amber 2 Foil Barrier protects buildings, properties and occupants from the ingress of radon, carbon dioxide and methane gases (medium to high r..

  • Protects from the ingress of radon, carbon dioxide and methane gases
  • Independently tested to ISO 15105-1
  • Complies fully to BS 8485:2015
  • Suitable for use on NHBC Amber 2 sites

£449.99 £469.95 Ex VAT: £374.99

Radbar Butyl Tape (50mm x 10m)
Radbar Butyl Tape (50mm x 10m)

The RADBAR multipurpose Butyl tape is a dual tape used for jointing membranes, detailing ancillaries such as pipe penetrations and DPC’s...

  • Roll Size: 50mm x 10m
  • Ideal for mating gas barriers, damp proof membrane and other plastic sheeting
  • Very low moisture vapor transmission rate
  • Outstanding service life (lifetime of building)
  • Excellent elongation properties

£11.95 £14.95 Ex VAT: £9.96

Radbar Foil Tape (75mm x 50m)
Radbar Foil Tape (75mm x 50m)

Radbar Single Sided Foil Tape is an adhesive jointing tape designed for sealing over the face of vapour control layer membrane joints. This acts to st..

  • Roll Size: 75mm x 50m
  • High quality bonding tape with proven performance
  • Suitable for vapour control applications
  • Very low moisture vapour transmission rate
  • Lasts lifetime of the building

£13.49 £15.99 Ex VAT: £11.24

Radbar Top Hat
Radbar Top Hat

Top Hat pre-forms should be used to provide an effective seal around service pipe penetrations. They are available in a range of sizes, the most commo..

  • Jubilee clip included

£12.49 £15.49 Ex VAT: £10.41

Pre Formed Corners
Pre Formed Corners

Radbar Pre-form corners are suitable for use on sites affected by radon, methane, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons/VOC’s. The Pre-forms are compliant t..

£21.99 £23.99 Ex VAT: £18.33

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